OUR range of services

Over 20 years of experience in travel to the tropics and worldwide connections to government, science and industry make us the ideal company to organize your expedition, film shoot, scientific research or adventure according to your needs.


Belowwater.com has consulted for a number of zoos, science teams and documentary film companies. Extensive experience in the field will benefit your project - add unique expertise for film shoots, displays, collection trips water filtration and live animal husbandry problems.


Let us know your photo needs. Oliver Lucanus is a freelance photographer and writer that has published photos and articles in over 20 magazines worldwide. He has co-authored five books before publishing The Amazon Below Water. He has currently started work on the next project of aquatic images but is also available for assignments.

Stock Photos

Belowwater.com has a stock library of over 30000 fish photos, and thousands of other animal and travel photos. Ask to see if we have a specific species you are looking for. We have a wide variety of wildlife images from many countries, but specializing in South and Central America, Canada, Tropical Africa and Madagascar.

Video and Audio

We are able to produce professional HD quality sound and video in the field and in the studio. Film footage can be produced to your specific requirements.