Rio Xingu - the river of rapids, famous for incredible fish diversity, with over 60 endemic fish species, and more than 550 fish species in total.

The Xingu is one of the principal tributaries of the Brazilian Amazon, dewatering the Brazilian Shield northward. A river of rocks, rapids, crystal clear headwater tributaries, surreal underwater landscapes, and colourful fishes adapted to live in the fastest moving water. At the same time, it is an incredibly fragile ecosystem that faces threats from gold mining, deforestation, industrial agriculture and one of the world’s largest hydroelectric projects.

Rather than writing a book about fish, Oliver Lucanus and Dr. Leandro Sousa, along with a team of experts, have created an intricate portrait of one of the Amazon’s most complex ecosystems. For the first time, a book provides insight into the hidden world below the surface of the Xingu, revealing the fascinating adaptations and behaviour of the Xingu’s fishes. Through the eyes of the two authors who have spent hundreds of hours snorkeling and diving in the river, the reader will journey upstream into the habitats of a diverse fish community in one of the most threatened and stunningly beautiful places in the world.

215 fish species shown in their natural habitat, 348 pages, 530 photographs. 28 x 28 cm  ( 11 x 11”)

Price US$85 + $15 shipping ( USA ) , C$115 + $20 shipping ( Canada )

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 After more than 25 years of capturing fish and their habitats on video all around the world we have recently started to put some of the best moments on youtube. Come see cardinal tetras, blue rams, altum angels, dwarf cichlids, rummy nose tetras, discus and other fish in their natural habitat. Click the link to see some of the new videos on our channel:

Below Water is an imaging company specializing in under water and aerial photos and film of difficult to obtain species and locations. Based in Montreal, Canada and shooting locations in Africa, Asia and South America for over 25 years.

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