Belowwater.com is the North American distributor for Panta Rhei’s Hydrowizard and Hydrojet pumps. 

The Hydrowizard is an impeller pump designed to move great amounts of water and create current more efficiently than any other previously developed technology. Studies and simulations of water movement in nature have led to the evolution of this unparalleled concept in pump technology.

The combination of mechanical components (impeller/rotor, stators, water entry and exit points) and a newly designed, high efficient motor are perfectly tuned to work together and produced unprecedented flow with minimal use of energy. 

The unique combination of impeller and stator produce a directional, non-rotating current with a maximum velocity of 11 feet per second (3.3m/s). This allows fish and other animals to swim through the current even in the center of the pump’s output cone without being harmed. The intake has a surface four times greater than the exit, with water streaming into the pump at a gentle 3 ft/s (0.9m/s). This allows even small animals to swim through the intake current without getting pulled into the pump. The laminar current is of great help here, allowing the most streamlined animals to remain swimming in this area behind or in front of the pump with minimal effort. 

model             max output            usage

ECM 42              3000gph              33W

ECM 63            16000gph             120W

ECM 75            50000gph             504W

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